Strategic Project Outsourcing

Strategic Consulting & System Development

Are you stretched too thin to clear your backlog ?

Need help and expertise to undertake strategic projects

Want to control costs and insure quality

Looking for more than simple staff augmentation

Get real results. Partner with Castor.

Castor provides professional, high-quality, cost-effective IT outsourcing solutions to North American companies from its US or Canada based offices.

Castor bridges the gap between the crowd of offshore players and the local large consultancy and software delivery firms, by providing a more flexible and adaptive model.

When you need real results, Castor is your best partner.

Advantages of using Castor

Castor specializes in delivering sophisticated, high-risk and high impact, small to medium size projects that need a rapid time-to-market. Castor provides innovative solutions that represent the industry's best practices.

Castor is also a local North American company. This makes it a lot more cost effective and easier to rapidly clearly understand our customers. Castor can effectively become an extension of your internal IT organization, providing you with the extensibility that you need in a tight budget environment and giving you the flexibility to adapt quickly and cost effectively to changing requirements and business demand.

Key Differentiators

As your partner, Castor always provides you with more than consulting and development. At Castor, you can also always expect us to provide you with:

  • Flexible Delivery Models
  • Continuous Project Management and Status
  • Quality Assurance, built-in to all of our deliveries
  • Well-defined and adaptable methodology

Areas of Expertise

In addition to Castor’s specialty in enterprise integration and porting and migrations, the team of experts at Castor will also provide you with:

  • Multi-platform consulting and architecture services
  • UML and MDA based consulting and development
  • J2EE, .NET and C/C++ consulting and development
  • Portal Development and Integration
  • Independent Quality Assurance services
  • All of the above on Windows, Unix, Linux, OS/390

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