Application Integration & Web Services

Integrating the Enterprise Inside and Out

Is your business as integrated as you would wish ?

Do you need to integrate more seamlessly with your partners ?

Does it feel like your internal systems were not built for each other

Looking to achieve the savings of service enabling your systems

Reap the benefits of solid Integration with Castor

The team of professionals consultants at Castor can help you navigate the complex landscape of integration offerings.

Castor will help you to differentiate hype from reality and allow you to truly benefit from your integration projects.

Castor has expertise with a wide variety of integration technologies and can help you make the right choice. Our professionals have even built EDI translators and B2B platforms.

Integration is more than technology

When Castor looks at any project, it looks to understand the business drivers before looking at the technologies involved. This is even more important with integration projects, given their impact on many different business processes and business workflows in the enterprise.

Once the goals and impacts of an integration project are well understood, Castor will help you in determining the best course of action.

EDI, B2B, Web Services, SOA

There are many different choices available to integrate with your business partners. Often you will have to use more than one approach to integrate with all of them.

Castor specializes in helping you at every level of your integration projects. The professionals at Castor can show you how to leverage work across project and how to best expose your internal systems to share information.

Standards, Standards, Standards

The world of integration is full of different standards that are designed to facilitate the exchange of information between partners. Whether it is X.12, EDIFACT, ebXML, RosettaNet or one of the many other standard, you can rest assured that Castor can help you select and implement the appropriate standard for your business.

Integrating with Internal Systems

Many different approaches can be used to expose your internal systems, legacy and otherwise, and let them share information. Castor can help you with the selection and deployment of many of those products and technologies such as:

  • IBM Websphere MQ platform
  • BEA platform including WLI and Liquid Data
  • Microsoft BizTalk and Commerce Server
  • Messaging systems (MQ, JMS, Tibco, SonicMQ)
  • Web Methods
  • And many others.

Service Portfolio

Here is a sampling of our integration service portfolio:

  • EAI (Enterprise Application Integration)
  • E-Business Integration
    • B2B (B2x)
    • RosettaNet
    • EDI integration
  • Legacy System Integration
  • Web Services
    • specializing in secure, portable implementations
  • Enterprise Portal Development and Integration
  • Electronic Form Management and Integration

Security and Interoperability

Castor will help to insure that the deployed solution is both secured and interoperable. With today’s real security threats, integration solutions must be designed from the ground up with security in mind. As for interoperability, you want to be sure that your solution will work across partners and platform.


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