The Castor Way

Castor provides professional, high-quality very cost-effective nearshore IT outsourcing solutions to North American companies. Castor effectively bridges the gap between the crowd of offshore delivery players and the local large consultancy and software delivery firms, by providing flexible and adaptive outsourcing at a fraction of the cost of the local firms.

Castor is Your Partner

When you engage Castor to be a partner in your success, you are acquiring and leveraging a large pool of talent, expertise and infrastructure. Our experienced professionals will engage with your team to establish the project roadmap and the milestones necessary for effective project management. This approach fosters team integration between Castor and your organization and is key in developing the synergy required for a successful partnership between our teams.

Extending Your Business

Castor can effectively become an extension of your internal IT organization, providing you with the extensibility that you need in a tight budget environment and giving you the flexibility to adapt quickly and cost effectively to changing requirements and business demand. Castor methodology is based on this adaptive approach, and is designed to operate in compliance with your own standards and methodology.

Business Challenges

As a business, you are faced with strong pressure to deliver ever more with less. This has led to a great deal of projects being outsourced, often to offshore companies across the globe. While this looks appealing from a pure cost perspective, you are often faced with many new challenges in managing this ever more complex landscape. It becomes very hard to have effective communication and the kind of kowledge sharing and collaboration necessary for a guaranteed successful delivery. This is especially true for high-impact, leading edge projects that are very crucial to the profitability of your company. Very often, many of those projects are seen as "unfit" for outsourcing due to their risk, uncertainty or visibility.

Advantages of using Castor

Castor specializes in delivering those kind of sophisticated high-risk and high impact, small to medium size projects that need a rapid time-to-market. Castor provides innovative solutions that represent the industry's best practices. By being local to the North American market, Castor provides a number of advantages:

  • The communication channels are very easy to implement, since our team is always only a phone call away. We are on the same time zones as your company.
  • Our professionals can easily and cost-effectively travel to your site when needed during the project, and build this all so important face to face interaction with your team.
  • Our professionals understand the North American market, they are part of it.
  • There is no cultural disconnect, so often associated with offshore companies.
  • The cost of our services is very competitive even when compared to the offshore outsourcing firms.

Delivery Models

Castor delivers its services in a variety of ways, depending on your needs and the engagement. Castor maintains its main development center in Montreal, Canada, where most of the development work is usually performed. Castor often recommends an hybrid delivery model, where our architects will work with your team locally at your site to develop and refine the project design, while the construction and quality assurance are performed in our development center. Castor can also provide you with on-site professionals or have our professonials work in the USA at our location or elsewhere.


Castor delivers its services by following a well-defined methodology that allows us to deliver in time and within budget and also provides you with all of the tools to successfully manage and track the project during all phases of delivery.

Castor methodology is basically two-fold. It is divided between our development methodology and our delivery methodology. Our development methodology provides the structure around the software delivery life cycle activities, while our delivery methodology deals mainly with the project management and delivery lifecycle. This approach gives Castor a very effective work model.

Project Management

At Castor, every project gets assigned a project coordinator or manager that is directly responsible to insure that our highest quality and delivery standards are always adhered to. This professional is your key liaison and contact and will be following Castor methodology to implement the following:

  • Establish and define the various necessary communication channels and frequency of communication. These might include governance board, steering committee, status reports, meetings, etc.
  • Provide you with regular updates on the project progress and status. Depending on your requirements,this can be as often as on a daily basis.
  • Provide you with the necessary tools enabling you to have access via our website to your project status, project deliverables and documentation.

Collaboration and Communication

Castor goal is to insure and establish effective communication right from the start of the project. Castor wants to make sure that you are provided with consistent channels of communications to both monitor the status of your projects in real-time and to collaborate effectively to the project remotely from your site.

With the appropriate team collaboration and communication channels in place, Castor is able to provide you with the necessary knowledge transfer and the content sharing that are crucial to the long term viability of the project.


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