Let us Introduce Ourselves

By constantly listening to its customers, Castor has built a reputation for creating business value.

Everyday, Castor seasoned team of professionals use their know-how and expertise to accelerate your projects and to build and design the quality creative solutions that you are demanding.

Our Culture

At Castor Technologies, we always believe in investing in the future to ensure our continued success.

Castor keeps investing heavily in developing a strong suite of specialized tools and in keeping all of its resources current with the new changes in technology. Castor fosters a culture based on core values, that reflect its approach to business.

Today, these values are at the heart of Castor success. Our value system is the equivalent of our code of ethics. We serve our client by building long-lasting partnerships.


The team at Castor is driven by a set of simple and powerful values:

  • Efficiency, always focusing in delivering to the projects milestones and going the extra mile, to ensure on-time and on-budget delivery.
  • Transparency, keeping our customers informed every step of the way.
  • Collaboration, creating a partnership and working with our customer as a team.
  • Responsiveness, listening to our customer, their requirements, concerns and ideas.
  • Technical Excellence, focusing on quality and the satisfaction of delivering solutions that bring pride in our work.

Core Strength

Castor core strength comes in developing the processes and methodology to monitor and insure strict compliance with those values. We do this by using:

  • Proven Process & Development Methodologies, that help insure that repeatable and successful approaches are always being employed. The team at Castor will make sure that those processes and methodologies are adjusted where necessary to correctly align with your own standards.
  • Continuous Project Management, to help everyone track the project in real-time and have full visibility into the progresses that are being made.
  • Peer Review, where all of our deliverables are reviewed and analyzed by other qualified members on the team at different time during the delivery process.
  • Quality Assurance Program, that is more that simply testing the application. This independent process is the key to guaranteeing that only the best quality leaves our door. When our QA specialist certify an application, their seal of approval is a testament to the quality of the application, and your assurance of minimized defect maintenance.

Our goals at Castor are first and foremost to help our clients meet their business objectives, rather than merely to provide technical solutions. Castor helps organizations, like yours, navigate the complex marketplace to make appropriate and sound use and implementation of technology.

For you, our customer, Castor process driven approach translates into providing you with top quality and cost-effective world class solutions.

Why choose Castor?

Castor realizes that choosing an outsourcing provider can be a challenging task. At the same time, we believe that our fundamental understanding of your business drivers and landscape is a crucial benefit. Can you afford to have unsuccessful projects, or technically working solutions that fail to address your real needs ?

Castor can help you whenever you are faced with aggressive deadlines and tight budgets. Castor will partner with you to make sure that you will be successful. Nothing less.

Here are some of the benefits of using Castor:

  • Quick project ramp up. Castor can quickly bring in the experts to work on your project, drastically reducing the ramp up time for your projects.
  • Cost, very competitive, even when compared to offshore providers
  • Nearshore partner. Castor is located here in North America, the same place as you. You don't have to worry about how you will get people to collaborate. No misunderstanding due to cultural differences. Do you want the wrong solution because you assumed a certain baggage of standard business knowledge from your partner, but it wasn't there ? How much details and core knowledge are you willing to spend time delivering to your provider ? How much will all of all of this "non-critical" communication cost you ?
  • Lower cost of managing the project. Castor approach to project delivery is designed to minimized your cost of managing any project outsourced to us or through us, when dealing with our offshore partners. Castor nearshore presence is a critical element here as well.
  • Access to a large pool of skilled professionals. Castor development is well located in Canada, which is recognized for its great pool of talent, at reasonable rates.
  • Strategic Advantage. Castor constantly works with the finest tools and technology from a broad spectrum of suppliers in the marketplace. Castor also focuses heavily in keeping current with the industry best practices and emerging trends, This insight is a true strategic advantage for you when using Castor.
  • Saving in recruitment or recurring staffing firm fees. When comparing costs, Castor becomes even more appealing when you consider the "other" costs that are part of staffing your own project. Castor can provide you with a virtual extension to your team of professionals at a moment's notice.
  • Outsourced delivery model. Castor provides mainly outsourced services with a variety of delivery models including pure play and hybrid. The continuing trend for outsourcing over the last 20 years, is a great testament to the benefits of companies focusing on their core business and organization leveraging partnership to drive their agility.


  • Alain Picard, Chief Information Officer and President of Castor
    For the last 20 years, Alain has used his great business acumen and understanding of technologies to design and architect innovative and ground-breaking solutions for his clients. Alain brings a wealth of professional experience in successfully managing and developing mission critical systems in the retail, financial, transportation and international trade fields.

    Alain has extensive expertise in the development and deployment of business solutions with commerce facilitators (B2B, Internet, EDI, E-Commerce) and object orientated design & programming (Java J2EE, C++, Messaging and more).


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